5 Killed In New York: Car Crash Kills Family Of Five In Long Island Accident

August 27, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

5 Killed In New York

5 killed in New York, after their car burst into flames. Five members from the same family were killed on Saturday, in Long Island, New York while driving back home after a gathering. It is reported that speeding and alcohol may have been factors in the accident.

A horrific car crash killed 5 people in New York, after a family vehicle burst into flames over the weekend. On Saturday evening, Myriam Lebrun, her three children and her mother visited several family members in Suffolk County, New York where they had a little party.

At around 11 PM, Lebrun, her sons, Marcus Jeanty, 14, Marcel Jeanty, 9, and daughter Kayla Jeanty, 8, and their grandmother Yolande Moise, 68, got into their 1998 Honda Accord and took the Southern State Parkway to drive back to their home in Brooklyn.

For some unknown reason, the Honda veered off the road and crashed into a tree. Seconds after the crash, the car burst into flames.

According to police, after the car struck the tree, there was heavy fire with flames that reached up to 15 feet in the air.

All 5 family members were killed during the accident. The person in the passenger seat was ejected from the car and onto the road.

While the other four people got trapped in the fire by their seat belts. The lead state police investigator Charles Knapp, told local media that there is a possibility that the mother was speeding.

Furthermore, Knapp believes that the 37-year-old woman may have had too many drinks during the family gathering, prior to the deadly crash. People close to the family dispute those claims.

Neighbors said that the Haitian family had been living in their Flatlands home for over three years. A neighbor, by the name of Sarah Hogart, said that the mother was very outgoing and loved to laugh.

Hogart added that she was always outside playing with her kids. The grandma was described as very loving and she was the one who looked after the children when the daughter was working.

A relative by the name of Mayerline Moise, spoke to the media saying that Myriam Lebrun had loved life and her children.

Moise added that her cousin would not want the family to cry, she would want them to celebrate her and dance to Kompa music.

A Gofundme account has been created for the funeral of the 5 family members killed in New York.


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