45 Students Suspended In Louisiana Over Grade-Changing Scheme

March 25, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

45 students suspended after taking part in a grade-changing scheme at Beau Chene High School in Louisiana, story goes viral. A student changed the grades in exchange for sexual favors.

Beau Chene High School

45 students have been suspended for using a web-based computer program to change their grades. For the past six weeks, several students at Beau Chene High School in Louisiana, saw their grades go up, while others watched them go down.

An investigation into the matter led to some disturbing findings. According to Principal Keith James, an unnamed student, who helped a substitute teacher gained access to a program called Powerschool, kept the password and started a grade-changing scheme.

The student was able to change grades for several students. Many of the students were not aware that their grades were changed. But at least 44 students, who paid the individual for him to up their grades, have been suspended.

It is believed that few of the students performed sexual acts on the student for better grades. Andrew Morgan, a senior, explained that the young man recently helped a substitute teacher log into the system after a full-time teacher left the school.

Morgan said that the teenager was not very popular and used the opportunity to lower the grades of the students who were mean to him. Principal Keith James said that a parent with knowledge of the grade-changing scheme alerted him. James stated:

“Some students did not know that their grades had been changed, but the ones who knew that their grades were changed were suspended for not notifying teachers or administrators.”

James added that the suspensions varied based on students’ involvement in the scandal. St. Landry school superintendent Edward Brown revealed that they had caught all 45 students involved in the scheme and added:

“But there’s no way to know for sure.If there are any more, we will levy the appropriate punishment.”

Brown went on to say that the district has sent out memos reminding teachers and administrators to always protect their passwords and watch out for any hacks in the system.


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