$1M Trailer For Sale: Hamptons Trailer Is On The Market

February 12, 2015 | By Garrett Montgomery More

$1m trailer for sale in the Hamptons, story goes viral, because it was originally purchased for few hundred bucks. In 1976, Richard Lester and his wife bought 0.36 acres of land located in the Hamptons for the small sum of $300, and added the $15,000 wood-paneled trailer a few years later. The $1m trailer for sale sits in the exclusive Amagansett South enclave in the Hamptons, where homes belonging to stars like Jerry Seinfeld and Paul McCartney are sold for several millions.

$1m trailer for sale hamptons

A $1m trailer for sale in the Hamptons is making headlines. Back in 1976, a fisherman named Richard Lester and his wife Tess, made the wise decision to invest $300 in a piece of land in the Hamptons in New York’s Long Island.

Few years later, he added a modest $15,000 wood-paneled trailer to the $300 land, the pair has been living there since. Mr Lester, who still works at sea, said he had to sweat, scrap and save to buy the two-bedroom trailer. He explained:

“I had to work my a** off to get that.”

Decades later, Mr Lester, 79, is patting himself on the back for purchasing the 0.36 acres of land, which is located in Amagansett South enclave in the Hamptons just a mile away from the famous Indian Wells Beach.

A nearby home recently sold for $4 million and some of Lester’s neighbors include Jerry Seinfeld and Paul McCartney. Ray Lord from Douglas Elliman Real Estate, who is selling the $1.1 million property said:

“Erase the trailer from your mind and it’s $1 million for land. No one, I imagine, would build less than a three-bedroom, three-bathroom house.”

Lord suggests that the new homeowners could still live in the trailer while building their future mansion. He shared:

“Use as is now, while you plan for your 4,000 square foot new house with 20 foot x 50 foot swimming pool,”

Lord went on to add that a couple almost agreed to the idea. He explained:

“We had one buyer that was a husband and wife. The husband suggested it and the wife was not keen on the idea.”

$1m trailer for sale in the Hamptons, the person who buys it will have an interesting story to tell. What do you think?


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  1. Rosie says:

    My guess is that whoever purchases this piece of property will be required to not only move the trailer and all the other crap on the property but will also face all kinds of building requirements like how many square feet is should have and the style of the home. I’m sure the neighbors are dying to get rid of that eyesore.

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