1 Minute Parking Sign Typo Goes Viral

June 24, 2014 | By Garrett Montgomery More

1 Minute Parking Sign Typo Goes Viral

1 Minute parking sign typo goes viral. For a second there, many drivers in Los Angeles thought they were being pranked after city officials erected a 1 minute parking sign near the intersection of San Vicente Boulevard and Montana Avenue. As it turned out it was a mixup and the transportation department has corrected the error. But the 1 minute parking story had already gone viral leaving officials red faced for the erroneous street sign.

If you have something to do, do it very fast because you have only 1 minute according to this parking sign.

Last week motorists driving through Brentwood, California were either amused or angered after discovering that the new parking sign on San Vicente Boulevard in Brentwood gave them only 60 seconds to cut off their engines and run their errands and rush back to their vehicles or it would be towed away.

The “1 minute parking” sign that was installed in the 11700 block of San Vicente Boulevard was supposed to read “1 hour parking,” but a mistake took place while they were printing it.

After the story spread like wildfire on the internet Transportation department spokesman Jonathan Hui was forced to come out and better explained the situation.

Mr Hui stated that the city did not intentionally install the insane parking restrictions and they were working to fix the matter.

It was supposed to take few weeks to replace the erroneous street sign, but left embarrassed after the story went viral, a worker from the Transportation department was quickly sent to put up a new parking sign.

Curious people who went to the intersection of San Vicente Boulevard and Montana Avenuea today to see the 1 Minute parking sign typo for themselves were surprised to discover that it was replaced with a brand new shinny “1 hour parking” sign.

The newly “1 hour parking” was placed there last night and has a pair of divots holding it up.


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